Speed Up Your Internet With This Trick


Speed of the Internet depends on various factors like the one who chosen Broadband plan, wired or wireless connection and depends on physical media.

Both wired and wireless connections have their own advantages and disadvantages, but i choose wired connection because there will not be frequent disconnections of internet and it gives security when compared to the wireless.

So speed of internet depends on many reasons, i tell you this small trick that may increase your net speed to some extent. Follow the below steps

Before doing this trick you must be system administrator and have full permissions  of your computer otherwise you cannot perform these steps.

Step-1 :

click on Start then click on Run and type the command gpedit.msc then a window appears as shown in below image(click on image to view in full size)

speed internet,high speed internet

Step-2 :

Under computer configuration navigate to Administrative Templates then to network then double click on QoS Packet Scheduler folder.

speed internet,high speed internet

Step-3 :

Next double click on Limit reservable bandwidth you will get a window like below image then in that under settings tab click on Enable radio button and set Bandwidth Limit % to zero(0) if it is set to 20% , this value is for updates we have to set it to 0% then click on Apply and OK buttons, restart your computer in order to work these settings.

speed internet,high speed internet

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