Disable Autoplay For Pendrives To Make Virus Inactive


Today most of the people are using pendrives for data portability but from pendrives virus will effects computer very easily.Even though there is antivirus installed in our computer there is a risk of virus from pendrives as we know that by inserting pendrives, cds or other removable media os runs autoplay, at that time if there is a virus in pendrive it will be executed and spreads to our system because virus program can be written in autorun.inf file which is located on our pendrives. So in order to prevent spreading of virus from pendrive first we need to disable the autoplay in our computer.Following is the process to disable autoplay:

go to start–>click on run

enter gpedit.msc and click on ok button

then a window opens in computer-configuration expand admin templates then click on system now there some files will be displayed on the right pane.


double click on turn off autoplay file then a window in settings select enable option and select all drives in turn off autoplay.


click on images to preview

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