Intel’s Processor Comparison – Present With 3D Transistor Technology

Intel is a giant Computer Processor and  Microprocessor chip manufacturing Industry. Intel’s present most powerful Core Processors from high to low are i7, i5, i3, Quad Core, Core2Duo and Dual Core Processors. These Processors are built and designed by using two dimensional Transistors. Presently these Processors are most selling that uses 32nm in Transistors which are introduced in 2009.

intel 3d transistor

Intel 3d Transistor

Now Intel came up with new Technology called 3D Transistor Technology and this will be used in building Intel’s next generation Processors. In 3D Transistor Technology, Processor contains three dimensional Transistors which means Transistor will have three gates in which silicon is wrapped around and therefore Processor will work more efficiently and there by it utilizes less power. The size of 3D Transistor is very small with 22nm.

In Future Intel will develop most powerful super computers by using 3D Transistors and this technology can not only used in building Computer Processors but also in Tablets, Smart Phones, Graphic cards, Servers and in other electronic devices. Intel showed computer called Ivy Bride which is a code name and this is the first computer that contains 3D Transistors in chip.

Intel will deploy these 3D Transistor Processors by the end of this year 2011 and they will produce in large number. These Processors are 40% more faster than the present Intel’s Processors and utilizes 50% low power.

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