Facebook Home-Convert Your Smartphone To Facebook Phone

On Friday Facebook made available Facebook Home in Google play store which converts smart phones in to Facebook phone. It is more than  app but not a new mobile operating system. By installing this app in your phone you can easily follow social network any where you are, your profile pic will be displayed on lock screen and your Continue Reading...

Temple Run 2 Game Review

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the game called Temple Run which is the most popular game on iOS and Android devices. This game is much better than the first one with improved graphics and new levels of gameplay. The game is all about escaping, this one got some new mechanics like traveling through zip line and mine Continue Reading...

Acer introduced low cost Tablet Iconia B1

As the Tablet competition among various brands are increasing day by day and there are only few companies who released Tablets at very less price. Now Acer introduced Iconia B1 Tablet at an affordable price of Rs.7999 in India and it comes without compromising the features available in other Tablets. As it runs on Android platform users can enjoy thousands Continue Reading...

Sony's Water And Dust Resistant Xperia Z Phone

On January 7th Sony introduced brand new phone Xperia-Z which has the most stunning display among all sony mobile phones. It runs on Bravia-2 Engine which shares same capabilities of Sony Cameras that means we can snap photos and capture videos that gives best clarity even in the strong backlight conditions. Xperia-z is water and dust resistant phone which is Continue Reading...

iPad Mini And iPad 4 Announced

On Tuesday Apple announced the rumored iPad Mini and detailed specifications on fourth generation iPad. The smaller iPad i.e iPad Mini runs with the same speed of regular iPad and it has same display resolution of iPhone 5. Here are the full specifications of iPad Mini iPad Mini Specifications 7 inch IPS display. 7.2 mm thickness. Runs on Dual Core A5 Processor. 5 MP Continue Reading...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Announced

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD is announced which is going to be a strong competitor for Google Nexus. This new e-book reader got a HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1200, this makes crystal clear for reading books and watching movies on this display from any angle looks great. The inbuilt storage capacity comes in 16GB and 32GB Continue Reading...


Sony’s Water And Dust Resistant Xperia Z Phone

On January 7th Sony introduced brand new phone Xperia-Z which has the most stunning display among all sony mobile phones. It runs on Bravia-2 Engine which shares same capabilities of Sony Cameras that means we can snap photos and capture videos that gives best clarity even in the strong backlight conditions.


Xperia-z is water and dust resistant phone which is the important feature for users and it saves battery power by simply turning off the applications which consumes more battery when screen is off and it will automatically starts applications when screen is turned on. Coming to the entertainment Album, walkman and Movie applications allows to access and download music, Movie appln gives access to 100,000 movies and Album application helps to view photos of facebook friends and we can search them by location. Continue Reading…

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New PSP E-1000 Model Announced By Sony

PSP is a portable gaming handheld which is a product of Sony and the new model of PSP known as PSP E-1000 is confirmed by Sony. This new PSP will be available for low cost, till now Sony PSP is sold approximately 71 million units world wide.

They announced in Gamescon event but the full details like name and complete specifications of PSP E-1000 is not detailed. This model will not have WiFi but it provides option to download games from Playstation Network.

Here is the design of PSP E-1000

new psp e-1000
New PSP Model
new psp e-1000 model

The PSP E-1000 model design is entirely different when compared to the PSP Vita which is a featured console from Sony and it is going to release by the end of this year or in early 2012. This new PSP E-1000 pictures shows that it has charcoal color and the select, start and volume buttons below the screen looks like touch pad buttons.

PSP E-1000  will supports UMD(universal media disc) games and all the PSP titles can be playable on this new PSP. The release date of this new PSP E-1000 model will be in this Autumn but the name and exact launch date is not announced by Sony.

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PS Vita or PSP 2 Release Date Changed

The next upcoming portable gaming system from Sony is PS Vita or PSP 2. Earlier the release of this portable console is expected to launch this year but Sony changed to 2012 release for west.

ps vita
PS Vita

The Price of PS Vita will remains same only release date is changed. Nintendo feared about the competition when Sony revealed its new handheld but they are now safe as the launch of PS Vita pushed to 2012, After earth quake hit Japan then Sony said PS Vita will soon be available in Winter 2011.

Now Sony again delayed for next year, they said it was not a delay because they want to launch their gaming system when a huge game library available for PS Vita.

Some New Features Of PS Vita Unveiled

  • Vita can be used as a controller for Playstation 3 so we can play games with PS Vita as a game controller.
  • We can remote play with PS 3
  • Cross platform game support which means some games that are available for PS 3 can be played on PS Vita.
  • When you play game on PS 3 and saved at some point in game and want to play outside then you can continue that game on Vita, the one such game is Ruin. This can be done by storing the saved files on Vita through Wifi from PS 3.

PS Vita Official Sony Trailer

PS Vita Cross Platform Gameplay video

Sony is not going to cut the price as they were clear but the Nintendo 3DS price is dropped last week. The current price of PS Vita earlier announced is $250 without 3G and $299 with 3G. The release date of PS Vita will be in March or April 2012.

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Sony’s New 320 GB PS3 Confirmed



320 GB PS3 from Sony is finally confirmed which is much lighter than previous PS3 slim model. This new 320 GB PS3 model will costs about £269. This unit consumes 200 watts and weighs 2.6 Kg with a hard drive of 320 GB.

Along with this bundle you get a Dual Shock 3 controller, one usb cable, AV cable and power cable. This PS 3 will ships to Japan this month and will be available in Charcoal black color.

Features Of 320 GB PS3 :


There are some rumors that new PS 4 will arrive in 2013 but Sony replied that they are happy with PS 3 which is still advanced one and told they continue with PS 3 up to 10 years and they don’t have any problems with PS3. So now they confirmed 320 GB PS3 for gamers and it will ship to Japan this month.


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Microsoft Xbox 720 And Sony’s PS4 Are Very Powerful



Concept PS 4

Microsoft Xbox 720 and Sony’s PS 4 are already in development and both will arrive in couple of years i.e in 2013. These next generation consoles are ten times powerful than Xbox 360 and PS 3.

According to the news Microsoft is going to reveal the details of Xbox 720 at E3 in next year. There are rumors spreading that Xbox 720 launch in 2013.  Microsoft hired employees in March to speed up the development of next generation console.

But from Sony they want to continue their Playstation 3 console for ten years and they are very comfortable with their device. Sony is mainly concentrating on their next generation portable gaming system i.e Playstation Vita which will be available soon this year and they made it perfect portable system by installing great features in to that device.

Any way the two consoles Xbox 720 and PS 4 will be set to launch in couple of years and which are 10x powerful than old consoles. When these consoles will come in to the market then there will be tough challenge to game developers to build a game that has high end graphics.There are some games which are going under development by using Directx 11 and one such game is Rage for the Xbox.

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NGP called Playstation Vita?


Some rumors are spreading on internet that the sony’s NGP called  Next Generation Portable given a name as PlayStation Vita (PS vita). This new device from Sony is the next version of PSP family which is portable gaming console and many of them refer it as PSP2 or NGP.

NGP is a most powerful device and has new features when compared to the old model. It has good screen quality with increase in size and it supports touch screen for easy navigation. It is equipped with front and rear cameras, added a new feature of two touch pads on backside of the console which act as controller for the games.

It has built in GPS which supports WiFi and 3G networks. The full specification of the console is listed below


However Sony has not declared its price and the name of  this console, they may declare final name and its price in E3 press conference which is going to held in June.

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New Wireless Headset For PS3


The PlayStation 3 gamers will be happy as Sony is going to release the new wireless headset in the month of September. Those who wants the sound without any noise issues is going to solve with this device. The device is officially approved for the PlayStation 3 console.

The wireless headset produce 7.1 virtual surround sound and a mute button which can be easily accessible on microphone. Volume control and the status of battery will be displayed onscreen with the help of headset status update.

The headset price is tagged at $99.99 which is officially stamped device for the console from Sony. The headset has a built in sub woofer and also generates surround sound.

Looking in to the previous headsets there is also a branded Bluetooth wireless headset that costs $50 for the console which comes with SOCOM:Confrontation bundle.

This new wireless headset will be available in September which is a new peripheral from Sony hope it works for the gamers without any problems.

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‘Sony’s PlayStation Phone’ Launch In US On May 26


Sony Xperia Play which is called as Play Station phone, is rumored to be released in February and after confirmation by sony now its wait will be over. This gadget is going to hit US in next week on May 26 which is on Thursday.

Playstation Phone is a combination of Phone and Gaming handheld and its price is tagged as $20o. The price is conditional on buyer purchasing a data plan and two year voice from Verizon which starts from $30 to $40 per month. The Preorder’s will starts from thursday on verizon online store.

Xperia Play has a sliding panel and its controls look like Play station Portable(PSP) and also this phone will be available with inbuilt of seven games they are

  1. Madden NFL 11 (EA Sports)
  2. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (Digital Legends)
  3. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline (Gameloft)
  4. The Sims 3 (EA),
  5. Star Battalion (Gameloft)
  6. Crash Bandicoot (Sony PlayStation)
  7. Tetris (EA).

almost 50 games will be available for download at launch.

The phone has 4-inch multi color display which runs on Andriod 2.3 operating system. It has 5 mega pixel rear camera and VGA camera on front for video chat. It supports Adobe flash player and we can access more than 200,000 applications.

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Playstation UK Network Is Online

psn-logoThe Play station network which is hacked by some people is now online in UK after 25 days. Many users spent money on play station network, their wait is over now and its now online in uk. Users can now play games online.

After downloading the latest firmware 3.61 and installed in the devices which is released on last night, they can change their password for their account.

Sony said this is the first phase of restoration and by the end of this month users get all services online. Due to the maintenance of the play station network which is still undergoing now they are running virtual play station network.

Services which are now available are accessing videos which are rented by users, unlimited music, friend’s list, chatting, access to third party services and trophy comparisons.

Sony which released firmware on last night contains some security measures which must and should install by users. The Play station network is now online in uk and they told in coming hours it will be available in all European countries.

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Sony’s PSN Will Be Back


Sony play station network which is not live from a week ago which was hacked by some people due to this there is a huge loss for sony and the users who registered PSN.

Play station network provides users to buy game content, multiplayer content, music and video services. Due to this cyber attack hackers gained 77 million accounts of personal data and their credit card information is also exposed to them. This is the major attack in the gaming industry.

Sony is trying hard to find the people who are responsible for this hack. So sony decided to give 30 days free access to the gaming content for the existing PSN users and they will soon announce which game content is free. And the users who subscribed for Qriocity will also get 30 days free access.

Sony again confirmed that PSN  and Qriocity services will be available soon with in one week and they implemented some new security measures they are

  • software monitoring.
  • Detecting intrusions in the network.
  • High data encryption and protection.
  • Added some new firewalls.
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