Facebook Home-Convert Your Smartphone To Facebook Phone

On Friday Facebook made available Facebook Home in Google play store which converts smart phones in to Facebook phone. It is more than  app but not a new mobile operating system. By installing this app in your phone you can easily follow social network any where you are, your profile pic will be displayed on lock screen and your Continue Reading...

Temple Run 2 Game Review

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the game called Temple Run which is the most popular game on iOS and Android devices. This game is much better than the first one with improved graphics and new levels of gameplay. The game is all about escaping, this one got some new mechanics like traveling through zip line and mine Continue Reading...

Acer introduced low cost Tablet Iconia B1

As the Tablet competition among various brands are increasing day by day and there are only few companies who released Tablets at very less price. Now Acer introduced Iconia B1 Tablet at an affordable price of Rs.7999 in India and it comes without compromising the features available in other Tablets. As it runs on Android platform users can enjoy thousands Continue Reading...

Sony's Water And Dust Resistant Xperia Z Phone

On January 7th Sony introduced brand new phone Xperia-Z which has the most stunning display among all sony mobile phones. It runs on Bravia-2 Engine which shares same capabilities of Sony Cameras that means we can snap photos and capture videos that gives best clarity even in the strong backlight conditions. Xperia-z is water and dust resistant phone which is Continue Reading...

iPad Mini And iPad 4 Announced

On Tuesday Apple announced the rumored iPad Mini and detailed specifications on fourth generation iPad. The smaller iPad i.e iPad Mini runs with the same speed of regular iPad and it has same display resolution of iPhone 5. Here are the full specifications of iPad Mini iPad Mini Specifications 7 inch IPS display. 7.2 mm thickness. Runs on Dual Core A5 Processor. 5 MP Continue Reading...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Announced

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD is announced which is going to be a strong competitor for Google Nexus. This new e-book reader got a HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1200, this makes crystal clear for reading books and watching movies on this display from any angle looks great. The inbuilt storage capacity comes in 16GB and 32GB Continue Reading...


Facebook Home-Convert Your Smartphone To Facebook Phone

On Friday Facebook made available Facebook Home in Google play store which converts smart phones in to Facebook phone. It is more than  app but not a new mobile operating system. By installing this app in your phone you can easily follow social network any where you are, your profile pic will be displayed on lock screen and your Facebook feeds will be displayed on that screen itself with images.


Facebook Home is now only available for HTC One X & X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. HTC First which is also released on friday comes preinstalled with Facebook Home. And this app will be soon available for all android phones and Tablets. Continue Reading…

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Facebook Purchases Instagram

Just two short years ago, entrepreneur Kevin Systrom saw endless opportunities in the realm of information technology and decided to teach himself programming. Along with his friend Mike Krieger, Systrom built a small photo-sharing application known as Instagram. Seemingly overnight, Instagram went from having only a handful of users to having more users than any other free photo-sharing application available. In fact, the application became so popular that it attracted the attention of Facebook, which offered to purchase the company in 2012.


The Story of Instagram

Instagram began as a private HTML5 mobile web app known as Burbn, which was created by Kevin Systrom on a trial-and-error basis. After discussing the product with Mike Krieger, Systrom decided to re-focus and rename it before its formal launch. The two entrepreneurs chose to focus the product on photo sharing, and they renamed it “Instagram” because they felt that photos shared online were similar to instant telegrams. After only 8 weeks of work on the product, they developed a beta-tested, bug-free application and made it available to the public.

The Facebook Acquisition

On April 9, 2012, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had agreed to purchase Instagram for $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock. Instagram garnered attention from Facebook because the application facilitates easy photo sharing, which is one of Facebook’s main goals as well. According to Forbes.com, it is also possible that Facebook wanted to purchase Instagram before a similar company, such as Twitter or Google, made the same strategic move.

After agreeing to the merger with Facebook, Instagram promised its users that the Instagram app would change in only positive ways. Kevin Systrom, the current CEO, assured users that they would still be able to share pictures on other social media networks and that all of the unique features of the application would remain intact. Systrom also indicated that Facebook and Instagram would be working together to improve the quality of the Instagram experience. As the two products are integrated, sharing of photos from Instagram to Facebook is likely to become much faster and easier.

Self-Made Millionaires

After only two years of work on the Instagram application, co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are selling their product for a huge profit. Ironically, the product’s purchaser is one of the most well known examples of small companies going global: Facebook. Launched by Mark Zuckerberg, who was a college student at the time, Facebook went from a start-up operation to an international success in just a few years.

The stories of both Instagram and Facebook indicate that the American Dream is still alive and well. Entrepreneurs with limited resources or experience are still capable of creating products and services that appeal to consumers. Even when these entrepreneurs cannot afford advertising, social media networks and other mobile technologies facilitate the sharing of information about valuable products or services all over the world in real time. Under this system, even the most meager start-up operation can go global with a good product.

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Facebook Messenger App For Android And iPhone

Facebook Messenger application is a new free app released by Facebook yesterday. This app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, Messenger app gives users to communicate with Facebook friends on phones with SMS or over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. This application is much faster to send messages to friends.

facebook messenger for android

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger app design and layout looks like Blackberry messenger it can send the messages with security by encrypting messages. This application not only used to send and receive messages but also it gives location information.

If you don’t know the phone number of your friend then this app grabs the phone number from your friend’s profile and saves that number so you can send messages without any problem but it only shows phone number if the appropriate settings are defined.

facebook messenger for android

chat screen

Facebook messenger app also provides notifications, alerts and location information you can make changes to these settings in your app whether to show to your friends or not. If you do Facebook instant messaging on iPhone with your social friends for many hours then this application is for you, the download is available on iTunes.

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How To Transfer Facebook Friends To Google+(Google Plus) ?

Google+ is a new social network form Google. Presently Facebook is the top social network and most of them using right now. If you are using the brand new Google+ then it takes lot of time to invite all Facebook friends to your Google+ account.

Facebook and Google are now big competitors in social network, Facebook does not allow to import contacts or friends in to your Google+ directly but there is an option to import from Facebook to Yahoo and then from Yahoo to Google+.

So here is the complete process of transferring or importing all your Facebook friends to Google+ at a time.

Following are the steps to import or transfer Facebook friends To Google+ :

Step-1 :

First go to yahoo.com if you don’t have yahoo mail account then sign up.

Then login to your yahoo mail account click on contacts

facebook friends to google+

Step-2 :

Next click on Facebook icon to import contacts as shown in below image

facebook friends to google+

Step-3 :

click on Tools and then click on import.

facebook friends to google+

Step-4 :

Next click on Yahoo csv Export Now button

facebook friends to google+

Step-5 :

Enter the captcha and click on Export

facebook friends to google+

Step-6 :

Next a window prompts to save the file in to your computer. click on save button

facebook friends to google+

Step-7 :

Go to your gmail account then click on contacts tab

 facebook friends to google+

Step-8 :

Click on New group then enter the group name and click ok.

facebook friends to google+

Step-9 :

I created group name as facebook and next click on more options–>click on import

facebook friends to google+

Step-10 :

Then a window prompts to select the yahoo contacts saved file which is in .csv format so select the file in your computer and click on Also add these imported contacts to and select group name that you created to save all contacts to that group then click on import button.

facebook friends to google+

Step-11 :

Now go to your Google+ click on circles tab there you see all imported contacts from Facebook. Finally add your friends to your appropriate circles.

facebook friends to google+

I hope all of you done above steps clearly. If it doesn’t work then comment here to solve….

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Facebook Is Blocked At Your Work Place? Solution Is Here

Facebook has more than 750 million users and many of them daily visit Facebook at regular intervals. So who cannot access their profile on Facebook at your work place is solved as one university student developed a website that converts your Facebook feeds into spreadsheet.

All your feed items are arranged in rows of Excel Spreadsheet automatically. The items which are visible on Spreadsheet are your friend feeds, updates and as well as photos and videos which are directly embedded into the sheet.

The graphical layout of Facebook like logos and its interactive design will not be available on spreadsheet and the chat is also disabled. But the remaining all items can be seen on sheet even the like button is there to interact.

facebook spreadsheet
facebook spreadsheet

The spreadsheet looks like a financial document named as “daily cash reconciliation” so nobody can understand it is a Facebook. It is developed by Bay Gross a student who created as one of his friend told him that he have to wait to access Facebook until his work is finished.

Do you want to access Facebook at your work place then go to this website hardlywork.in then allow that website to access your Facebook account to get your feeds in spreadsheet.

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