Google iPhone App Photovine Is Available Now

Google iphone app called Photovine is used to share photos, previously this google app is not available for free and it is downloaded through invites and it became a headache for iPhone users to download this app. From Yesterday Photovine iPhone application is available for free to all users at iTunes App Store.

google iphone app photovine
Google iPhone App

Photovine app provides users to share their photos with their friends, photos can be shared with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with this app. Apple users can also share pictures to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But we cannot share photos to Google Plus using this app and in future they will enable to share on Google plus also.

In Photovine app people will share photos with respective to the user created topics which are called as vines. Once a picture snap is taken by the user then they will have option to share with others. This Google’s iPhone app Photovine is developed by Slide Inc. which is already owned by Google they usually create social applications for devices on different platforms.

Download Google iPhone App Photovine

You can download this free Google iPhone App from App Store or click this link to download.

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  1. iphoness says:

    Awesome thanks for letting us know! Hopefully, that means the app is out worldwide!