Xmen Destiny Game From Activision

Xmen movies are super hit and the series contains five parts, recently Xmen First Class is released and it was a huge hit and now Xmen Destiny video game. These Xmen movies are now bound to the games, these various games are available for PC, consoles and PSP. The next upcoming game from Xmen is Xmen Destiny which is developed by Silicon Nights and this game is going to be publish by Activision.

xmen destiny


The Xmen Destiny game is based on a comic book written by Mike Carey. In this game,  players will have choice to choose their own character and they will play as mutants, when they choose a particular mutant then game decides who are their allies and enemies and the story continues according to the chosen character.

Some new characters are also built in to the Xmen destiny game some of them are Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander and Adrian Luca. The remaining characters in xmen will also appear as usual.

Xmen Destiny Trailer


Xmen Destiny Gameplay

Xmen Destiny release date is september 27th 2011 for Xbox, Wii, Nintendo 3Ds and Playstation 3.

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