Goodbye To Halo Series : Bungie

halo 4


Ten years ago Bungie created the epic game called Halo which is the first and foremost hit game which is played on PC. The huge success of their imagination to develop that game at that time is much appreciated by the gaming industry.

But Bungie declared that they are no longer to continue on developing new parts of Halo. Bungie developers recently celebrated 20th anniversary and they are very happy about the games that they created are till now a big hit and playing many of them. Their greatest FPS shooting games are attracted most of  the gamers.

Bungie’s Halo game development is now given to the Microsoft internal studio 343 industries and now it is their responsibility to care of Halo series. They are already developing the next part Halo 4 for Xbox 360 which is announced in E3 and they also developing the remake of Halo first part called Halo Combat Evolved.

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