Borderlands 2 Confirmed And Release Date

Borderlands game is developed by 2K Games which is a top most game and the second part of this game is Borderlands 2 is finally confirmed by 2K Games on 3rd August which comes after this year.

borderlands 2
borderlands 2

This game is an action based shooting game with awesome environments and the animation of game looks nice. The Borderlands 2 will comes with new environments, weapons, characters, inventory and a different story.

Gamers will have new missions on this Borderlands 2 game and they explore the new areas in Pandora to find the hidden secrets and tasks. This upcoming game will have new powerful enemies and missions. Players can choose their own characters and customize weapons like in an RPG game.

The release date of Borderlands 2 will be in April 2012 which is going to be available for PC, Xbox and Playstation 3. The complete information of Borderlands 2 will be revealed this month in Gamescom show.

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