Seven Blackberry Smart Phones Coming Soon



Research In Motion(RIM) co-ceo on Tuesday announced that they are going to launch seven new Blackberry smart phones in coming months. Blackberry is one of the top brand in smart phones and is fighting with competitors like Apple and Google Android phones in market.

These seven Blackberry smart phones is installed with new operating system and runs on the processor which is installed in Blackberry Playbook Tablet which is released in April this year in US and Canada.

Playbook runs on 1GHz Dual core processor so these new Blackberry phones can have 1Ghz two core processor, with increase of processing speed we may expect enhancements in features of the phones and also the new operating system is installed.

In Blackberry list the Bold model which is delayed and also these seven phones coming soon to place challenges among some giant manufacturers like Apple and Google. Blackberry is now in third place in united states since October, So they are working hard to reach first place by launching these new phones in coming months, but they did not revealed the release date of these powerful smart phones.

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