PS Vita or PSP 2 Release Date Changed

The next upcoming portable gaming system from Sony is PS Vita or PSP 2. Earlier the release of this portable console is expected to launch this year but Sony changed to 2012 release for west.

ps vita
PS Vita

The Price of PS Vita will remains same only release date is changed. Nintendo feared about the competition when Sony revealed its new handheld but they are now safe as the launch of PS Vita pushed to 2012, After earth quake hit Japan then Sony said PS Vita will soon be available in Winter 2011.

Now Sony again delayed for next year, they said it was not a delay because they want to launch their gaming system when a huge game library available for PS Vita.

Some New Features Of PS Vita Unveiled

  • Vita can be used as a controller for Playstation 3 so we can play games with PS Vita as a game controller.
  • We can remote play with PS 3
  • Cross platform game support which means some games that are available for PS 3 can be played on PS Vita.
  • When you play game on PS 3 and saved at some point in game and want to play outside then you can continue that game on Vita, the one such game is Ruin. This can be done by storing the saved files on Vita through Wifi from PS 3.

PS Vita Official Sony Trailer

PS Vita Cross Platform Gameplay video

Sony is not going to cut the price as they were clear but the Nintendo 3DS price is dropped last week. The current price of PS Vita earlier announced is $250 without 3G and $299 with 3G. The release date of PS Vita will be in March or April 2012.

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