Paper Phone Will Be Future?


As there are lot of smart phones in the market and the competition is also tough for different brands. So the canadian researchers developed a new paper phone which is like credit card size with  thin and flexible.

This phone is very much different from other phones, we don’t have to touch the screen to perform actions like others. This phone is operated by bending the corners.It has a 9.5-cm diagonal thin film flexible display and  researchers told that this is future phone.

It does not require to touch if we want to play music, make a call and zooming the google maps, it only requires to bend the corners in order to trigger the command. It consists of sensors that are responsible for triggering commands. It operates like other smart phones that features storing books, play music and making calls.

This phone will be much helpful to the officers as they no need to write on paper instead they can use this phone to store more number of documents without using papers. They told this is the feature phone and it  nearly takes 5 to 10 years to come into market.

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