New Wireless Headset For PS3


The PlayStation 3 gamers will be happy as Sony is going to release the new wireless headset in the month of September. Those who wants the sound without any noise issues is going to solve with this device. The device is officially approved for the PlayStation 3 console.

The wireless headset produce 7.1 virtual surround sound and a mute button which can be easily accessible on microphone. Volume control and the status of battery will be displayed onscreen with the help of headset status update.

The headset price is tagged at $99.99 which is officially stamped device for the console from Sony. The headset has a built in sub woofer and also generates surround sound.

Looking in to the previous headsets there is also a branded Bluetooth wireless headset that costs $50 for the console which comes with SOCOM:Confrontation bundle.

This new wireless headset will be available in September which is a new peripheral from Sony hope it works for the gamers without any problems.

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