New PSP E-1000 Model Announced By Sony

PSP is a portable gaming handheld which is a product of Sony and the new model of PSP known as PSP E-1000 is confirmed by Sony. This new PSP will be available for low cost, till now Sony PSP is sold approximately 71 million units world wide.

They announced in Gamescon event but the full details like name and complete specifications of PSP E-1000 is not detailed. This model will not have WiFi but it provides option to download games from Playstation Network.

Here is the design of PSP E-1000

new psp e-1000
New PSP Model
new psp e-1000 model

The PSP E-1000 model design is entirely different when compared to the PSP Vita which is a featured console from Sony and it is going to release by the end of this year or in early 2012. This new PSP E-1000 pictures shows that it has charcoal color and the select, start and volume buttons below the screen looks like touch pad buttons.

PSP E-1000  will supports UMD(universal media disc) games and all the PSP titles can be playable on this new PSP. The release date of this new PSP E-1000 model will be in this Autumn but the name and exact launch date is not announced by Sony.

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