Microsoft Xbox 360-53 Million Consoles Sold

xbox 360

Microsoft xbox 360 is one of the popular game handheld is expanding day by day not only in gaming but also in other sevices like music and video streaming.

According to the news 40% of the activities of xbox 360 not lies in gaming. The latest device to Xbox released by Microsoft is a Kinect it provides the motion sensing option to the gamer in which games are played by gestures. This is one of the most advanced feature in gaming industry.

Kinect also provides the users with improved video chat and helps to access video streaming, recently the company also bought high definition ESPN events.

With the usage of social networks like Facebook and Twitter the console is speeding up in video services, according to the research about 30 hours of video streaming is used per month for each user.

So the non gaming content usage is also increasing on Xbox 360, until now about 53 million units are sold and it is top selling console in united states. During April 3 million units are sold and stood at first followed by Playstation 3 and Wii.

We may expect the news of Xbox 720 from Microsoft press conference at E3 which is going to be held from June 6 2011.

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