IPhone 4 To Buy Or Not?


iphone 4

Apple’s iPhone when its first version is launched in 2007 it completely changed the mobile market. The iPhone is installed with lot of features that attracted the people to buy it and the apple fans are mostly impressed with that phone. But there are some features that are not available in first version they are video calling, front camera and Bluetooth connectivity for sharing files.

Now Iphone 4 is launched by Apple in India and it is always stood ahead with its competitors like Nokia, Blackberry and HTC.

Here are the reasons to buy iPhone 4 :

  • Iphone 4 has A4 Processor with double the Ram when compared to previous version(3GS). It operates with high speed like super computers in 80′s, it is much faster than previous one with built in powerful features.
  • The new features like 720P HD recording at 30 frames per second, editing media like setting caption on video and much more, retina eye and Face time are available in Iphone 4 while coming to the looks it is sleek and bold which is easy to handle the phone. The screen quality is much improved that renders perfect images.
  • There are more than 23000 applications are available in Apple store and new applications are added every day. These helps the users to do any task with a lot easier.
  • Iphone 4 supports multi-tasking and you can use this feature in Iphone 3GS by installing iOS 4 version but you miss the FaceTime feature.
iphone 4 facetime

iphone 4 facetime

Reasons to not buy Iphone 4 :

  • Iphone 4 is much costlier when compared to other brands.
  • The battery performance and life are low when compared to the HTC phones that gives better performance.
  • Iphone 4 has 5 mega pixel camera while in other brands like Nokia and Sony erricson we can get 8 or 12 MP cameras.
  • In order to use the Face Time feature in iPhone 4 both users must have the WiFi connectivity and have the same application.

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  1. I better prefer Android there are lots of Apps,Thanks for the great post

    1. karthik says:

      thanks for the comment bro