iOS 5 Release Date And Overview of Beta 5 Features

On August 6th Apple released iOS 5 Beta 5 version to the developers. The file size of iOS 5 Beta 5 is 128MB which is equal to the size of previous release.

ios 5 release date


The new options and features are available in iOS 5 Beta 5 is “Hearing aid” mode and “Assistant”. The Hearing aid mode improves hearing compatibility and it may decrease 2G cellular coverage. Assistant is a feature that allows to convert speech to text which means we can perform tasks by giving instructions through speech. You can find these options in Accessibility section on your iPhone.

iOS 5 Beta 5 version comes with bug fixes and improvements but without a lot of features. After you install iOS 5 Beta 5 it asks to setup iCloud account, iCloud syncs your data like contacts, emails, notifications etc on Cloud and you can access it on your Mac and iPad and you can Backup all your data to cloud then after setting your iCloud account it shows “Find My iPhone screen” to select ON/OFF option this will helps you to find out your phone when you misplace.

The iOS 5 release date will be in Fall and Apple is building hardly the new operating system to fix all the bugs and to make improvements by adding some cool features and the next beta version is also expected this month. iOS 5 Beta 5 is available and you can download it from Apple site.

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