Facebook Home-Convert Your Smartphone To Facebook Phone

On Friday Facebook made available Facebook Home in Google play store which converts smart phones in to Facebook phone. It is more than  app but not a new mobile operating system. By installing this app in your phone you can easily follow social network any where you are, your profile pic will be displayed on lock screen and your Continue Reading...

Temple Run 2 Game Review

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the game called Temple Run which is the most popular game on iOS and Android devices. This game is much better than the first one with improved graphics and new levels of gameplay. The game is all about escaping, this one got some new mechanics like traveling through zip line and mine Continue Reading...

Acer introduced low cost Tablet Iconia B1

As the Tablet competition among various brands are increasing day by day and there are only few companies who released Tablets at very less price. Now Acer introduced Iconia B1 Tablet at an affordable price of Rs.7999 in India and it comes without compromising the features available in other Tablets. As it runs on Android platform users can enjoy thousands Continue Reading...

Sony's Water And Dust Resistant Xperia Z Phone

On January 7th Sony introduced brand new phone Xperia-Z which has the most stunning display among all sony mobile phones. It runs on Bravia-2 Engine which shares same capabilities of Sony Cameras that means we can snap photos and capture videos that gives best clarity even in the strong backlight conditions. Xperia-z is water and dust resistant phone which is Continue Reading...

iPad Mini And iPad 4 Announced

On Tuesday Apple announced the rumored iPad Mini and detailed specifications on fourth generation iPad. The smaller iPad i.e iPad Mini runs with the same speed of regular iPad and it has same display resolution of iPhone 5. Here are the full specifications of iPad Mini iPad Mini Specifications 7 inch IPS display. 7.2 mm thickness. Runs on Dual Core A5 Processor. 5 MP Continue Reading...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Announced

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD is announced which is going to be a strong competitor for Google Nexus. This new e-book reader got a HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1200, this makes crystal clear for reading books and watching movies on this display from any angle looks great. The inbuilt storage capacity comes in 16GB and 32GB Continue Reading...

Tips And Tricks

How To Transfer Facebook Friends To Google+(Google Plus) ?

Google+ is a new social network form Google. Presently Facebook is the top social network and most of them using right now. If you are using the brand new Google+ then it takes lot of time to invite all Facebook friends to your Google+ account.

Facebook and Google are now big competitors in social network, Facebook does not allow to import contacts or friends in to your Google+ directly but there is an option to import from Facebook to Yahoo and then from Yahoo to Google+.

So here is the complete process of transferring or importing all your Facebook friends to Google+ at a time.

Following are the steps to import or transfer Facebook friends To Google+ :

Step-1 :

First go to yahoo.com if you don’t have yahoo mail account then sign up.

Then login to your yahoo mail account click on contacts

facebook friends to google+

Step-2 :

Next click on Facebook icon to import contacts as shown in below image

facebook friends to google+

Step-3 :

click on Tools and then click on import.

facebook friends to google+

Step-4 :

Next click on Yahoo csv Export Now button

facebook friends to google+

Step-5 :

Enter the captcha and click on Export

facebook friends to google+

Step-6 :

Next a window prompts to save the file in to your computer. click on save button

facebook friends to google+

Step-7 :

Go to your gmail account then click on contacts tab

 facebook friends to google+

Step-8 :

Click on New group then enter the group name and click ok.

facebook friends to google+

Step-9 :

I created group name as facebook and next click on more options–>click on import

facebook friends to google+

Step-10 :

Then a window prompts to select the yahoo contacts saved file which is in .csv format so select the file in your computer and click on Also add these imported contacts to and select group name that you created to save all contacts to that group then click on import button.

facebook friends to google+

Step-11 :

Now go to your Google+ click on circles tab there you see all imported contacts from Facebook. Finally add your friends to your appropriate circles.

facebook friends to google+

I hope all of you done above steps clearly. If it doesn’t work then comment here to solve….

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How To Add Google Plus 1 (+1) Button In Thesis Theme

google plus 1


Adding Google plus 1 or +1 button in Thesis Theme is very easy we can do it without using any plugin. I will tell you on how to do it before that we need to know the benefits of adding Google +1 button in our website.

Uses of Google Plus 1 Button :

If you click on plus one button for a particular topic then it helps your friends, family and others on web to find the best information. These are the recommendations that shown to the users only when they search for topic by signing in to the Google profile.

I already added Google Plus 1 or Google +1 button in my website and i am using Thesis theme. So i want you to help other bloggers on how to add this plus one button in Thesis theme.

Adding Google Plus 1 Button in Thesis Theme :

Go to your Dashboard by logging in to your website then go to Thesis Site Options, in that under Stats Software/Scripts section add the below java script code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"> </script>


google_plus_one button

After adding that code then click on Big Ass Save button.

Next step is add this code in your custom_functions.php file

function Google_button() {
if (is_single()) {
 echo '<div style="float:right; padding-left: 5px;"><g:plusone></g:plusone></div>';
add_action('thesis_hook_before_headline', 'Google_button');

Note : Please backup this file if something goes wrong then it helps you

The above code will makes to display Google +1 Button on each and every post title and another option is you can also use Thesis open hook plugin to place the code at particular place in your Thesis theme or just simply you can add this short html code at any place



if you want to display plus one button like box count then add this code

<g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

I hope this adding Google Plus 1 tutorial will helps you and let me know that you added this on your blog or not?


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Object Oriented Principles-Java Tutorial-3


Abstraction :

One of the most essential element of object-oriented programming is abstraction. It is a way to manage complexity. For example, we humans manage complexity through abstraction, we do not think of a car as a set thousands of individual parts. We consider it as a well defined object with its unique behaviour.

This allows people to use it without being concerned about the overwhelming complexity of its internal parts like the engine, braking system, transmission etc. Java provides a way to manage such abstrations through hierarchical classifications

Encapsulation :

It is the mechanism that binds code and the data it manipulates, and keeps them safe from external interference and misuse. Java uses classes to provide encapsulation. A class defines the structure and behaviour (data and code) that will be shared by a set of objects.

Objects are instances of classes, each object contains the stucture and behaviour of the class. In a class, the data is defined by member variables and the code is defined by member methods.

Inheritance :

It is the process by which one object acquires the properties of another object. It is important as Java supports hierarchical classification. For example a Ferrari is a classification of a car, a car is four-wheeler and a four-wheeler is a classification of a vehicle.

Without the use of hierarchies a class would have to define all its characteristics explicitly. However, using inheritance, an object only needs to define its unique qualities within its class and can inherit the general qualities from its parent.

Polymorphism :

Polymorphism means ‘many-forms’. It is a feature that allows one interface to be used for a general class of actions. It is used to create a generic interface to a group of related activites, whenever one of the activity is to be performed, the same interface is used. This helps to reduce the complexity and it is the compiler’s responsibility to select the specific action as it applies to each situtation.

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Byte Code And Features Of Java – 2

The output of a Java compiler is not an executable code, rather, it is bytecode. Bytecode is a highly optimized set of instructions designed to be executed by Java run-time system, which is  called the Java Virtual Machine(JVM). The fact that Java programs are executed by the JVM helps solve the major problems associated  with web based  programs and provides security and portability.

A Just-in-time(JIT) compiler is a part of the JVM that compiles selected portions of the bytecode into executable come in real time, piece-by-piece, on a demand basis. JIT compiler compiles code as is needed, during execution. Not all the byte code is compiled by JIT, only parts of the code that benifits from compilation are compiled by it the other parts of the byte code are simply interpreted.

Even though such dynamic compilation is applied to bytcode the security and portability features are provided as the JVM is still incharge of the execution environment.

Features of Java :

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Object-Oriented
  • Robust
  • Multithreaded
  • Architecture-neutral
  • Interpreted
  • High performance
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic
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History And Evolution Of Java – 1

Java is first and foremost programming language that inherits the rich heritage of previous programming languages combined with the innovative concepts required by its mission.

Many of Java’s characteristics come from C and C++, Java derives its syntax from C and its object oriented features were influenced by C++.

The creation of C by Dennis Ritche marked the dawn of the modern age of computer languages. It met the short comings of previous programming languages like the assembly language and was widely accepted by programmers. In short, C is a language by and for the programmer. Java inherited this legacy.

C became a dominant programming language during the late 1970s and early 1980s, it is still widely used today. Throughout the history of programming languages, the increasing complexity of programs has driven the need for better ways to handle complexity. Thus C++ was introduced.  C++ invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 also called as ‘C with classes’ extends C by adding object oriented features.  It inherits all the features, attributes and benifits of C. Using C++ understanding and maintaining large complex programs was made possible.

By the end of 1980s and the early 1990s, the Internet and the World Wide Web became critical and the revolution in programming began by the creation of Java.

Java was created by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems,Inc in 1991. It was initially called as ‘OAK,’ but was renamed ‘Java’ in 1995.The environmental change that prompted towards Java was the need for a platform independent programs that can be distributed over the internet.

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